And Lovie has done it again.

For all of you out there who thought the drafting of Major Wright and then the trade that brought back Chris Harris stabilized the safety spots, well you were wrong.

At the Bears first minicamp they had Chris Harris lined up at free safety and Danieal Manning at strong safety. Really? Haven't we covered this before with Harris, haven't we all agreed he a more natural fit at STRONG safety. For those of you who think free and strong safety are basically the same you are wrong. You would like your free safety to have good speed and coverage skills while being a bit of a ball hawk while your strong safety should be a great tackle, hard hitter who likes to blitz and play down in the box (be the 8th man in the box to help stop the run). Due to both playing alongside Mike Brown over the years both guys have played each spot so they both have experience.

However this is what I don't understand, the Bears spent their first draft pick, the 75th overall pick, on safety Major Wright who everyone envisions as a free safety. This also means another position change for Danieal Manning who spent last season as the nickle back. I don't know what Lovie and the coaching staff have planned and I know it is only the first minicamp and we are 2 months away from training camp and over 3 months away from the first game but this bothers me. Players are going to be more comfortable playing in a spot they are familiar with and not getting thrown into a different spot down the road. They have already screwed up Manning probably to the point of beyond repair after moving him between safety spots and nickle back plus throwing in kick return duties and I don't want them to do the same with Major Wright.

In my mind the best thing they could do is flip Harris and Manning and allow Wright to compete with Danieal at the free safety spot. They have made Manning a versatile player by playing all these spots so he might be best playing from the bench and playing a little bit of everything.

Besides the safety spots there isn't much from minicamp worth talking about so I'll just throw some quick hits at you:

-Cutler loves working with Martz

-Knox and Hester were listed with the first team. Bennett sat out due to off season surgery

-For those out there in love with rookie QB Dan LeFevour you better head to training camp or preseason games because it sounds like that will be the only chance you have at seeing him. Sounds like he will be locked in at 3rd string so if they do bring a vet in as a backup Hanie would be the odd man out.

-Devin Aromashodu is working hard to grab one of those top receiving spots

-Tommie Harris is supposedly healthy. I'll believed it when I see it.