The day all football fans have been waiting for has arrived. The NFL released their 2010 regular season schedule in what is the most anticipated schedule release of all the major sports. So let's start planning the road trip.

Week 1 9/12: Home Opener vs Detroit Lions

Am I the only person worried that the Bears might finish 4th behind the Lions

Week 2 9/19: Bears first visit to the house Jerry built

Jay Cutler leads the Bears into Dallas to face Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Is this  the first visit to Dallas since the Chad Hutchinson game on Thanksgiving?

Week 3 9/27: Monday Night Football

Packers come visiting in an early season matchup. Why are the Packers coming in September? Bears-Packers should only play games after Thanksgiving

Week 4 10/3: Sunday Night Football - Giants

Really back to back primetime games. Bears travel to NYC to see the new Giants/Jets stadium. Does anyone know what they are actually calling it?

Week 5 10/10: Peppers returns to Carolina

Newly signed defensive end Julius Peppers will bring his new team to face his old team. How many QB's will Carolina go through this season?

Week 6 10/17: Welcome back Pete Carroll

The Bears welcome former USC head coach Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks to Soldier Field.

Week 7 10/24: McNabb coming home again -Redskins

Is it just me or does McNabb and the Eagles come to town every season? What is that you say? McNabb got traded to the Redskins? I can't wait to play the Eagles

Week 8: Bye week

Nice placement for a bye week sadly there are no good games to watch while Urlacher and the boys get the week off.  Chargers-Fins, Pats-Vikings but both are late games. Colts-Texans Monday and Saints-Steelers Sunday Night

Week 9 11/7: O' Canada

Remember all the crap the Chicago media was talking the last season whe the Bears played in Buffalo in the Preseason. Well this year it's for real and instead of boring Buffalo they get to play across the lake in Toronto. Road trip anyone?

Week 10 11/14: At QB for the Vikings...

Will he or won't he? Will grandpa Favre still be wearing #4 for the Vikes this year in Soldier Field or will Julius Peppers get to rough up someone else.

Week 11 11/18: Happy Birthday Wildcat

Bears visit South Beach get to see Brandon Marshall who cost Miami 2 second round picks. By the way I hate Thursday night football except for Thanksgiving. Play the rival Vikings and then 4 days later travel to Miami for a game, thanks schedule maker.

Week 12 11/28: Seriously no McNabb?

The Mcnabbless Eagles return to the home of their former Pro Bowl QB. No Westbrook, McNabb or Dawkins seriously I can't wait to play them.

Week 13 12/5: Battle for third place in Motown?

If the Lions get a running back I'm going to be jealous. Stafford, Calvin Johnson and now tightend Tony Scheffler. That offense is scary good. I wonder who Mike Martz would rather call plays for?

Week 14 12/12: Will Gisele come to?

Pretty boy Tom Brady and the Patriots come into the Windy City.

Week 15 12/20: Are you ready for some football?

Four prime times games is pretty good for the Bears. Wouldn't it be a great early Christmas gift to see a Favreless Vikings team in the dome

Week 16 12/26: Hard Knocks

Lovie welcomes Rex Ryan and the J E T S to town. Jets will be an interesting team to watch with all their new additions. LT, Holmes, Taylor etc...

Week 17 1/2: Happy 2011

To ring in the new year da Bears travel up to Green Bay to end the season as part of Roger Goodell's plan to make week 17 games matter by playing rivals. Doubt this game means anything and hopefully will be the last time we see Lovie coaching the Bears.