Mike Martz is getting one of his former receivers and Jay Cutler is getting a big target.

Roy Williams wants to sign with the Chicago Bears and it looks like he will get his wish once he appears on waivers at 4PM on Friday. Reportedly the Bears have reached agreement on a 2 year deal with the former Lion and Cowboys receiver. Also he will be bring along Sam Hurd from Dallas as well.

After Bears fans had to suffer through the past few days seeing players sign with other teams and be traded away at least this is a step in the right direction. However you have to wonder did Jerry Angelo take 2 steps back to take 1 step forward.

Hurd who grew up in Texas but attended Northern Illinois broke the news of him signing with the Bears on ESPN Chicago 1000 AM early Friday Morning. Hurd will most likely replace Rashied Davis as a 4th/5th receiver with most of his contributions coming on special teams.

"I hear great things about Chicago," Hurd said. "I know [head coach Lovie Smith] is a great mind, and I hear great things about Mike Martz.

 "I'm excited, and my mind and heart is open, and I get a chance to play receiver. That's all I can ask for. If the other guy is better than me, hey, I'm all about team and I'm happy for that guy. But if I can compete for a spot, I will do that."

With the lost of Daniel Manning (Texans) and Davis (Lions) the Bears' special teams have taken a hit. During his 4 seasons in Dallas he caught 45 catches for 630 yards and only 2 touchdowns. Hurd also brings some decent size at being 6'3. Sam could push for some time as the third receiver but he may more likely have to battle undrafted rookie Dane Sanzenbacher and CFL receiver Andy Fantuz for the 5th and 6th spots because I doubt the Bears keep 7 receivers.

With Williams the Bears get a big receiver who had his best season when Mike Martz was his head coach in Detroit during the 2006 season where he caught 82 balls for over 1300 yards and it was the only season where Roy played in all 16 games. However that season was a flash in the pan since he has not topped 1000 yards in any other season. I would expect somewhere between 35-50 catches for 600-750 yards for Roy during this season which will basically offset the loss of Greg Olsen. Wouldn't it have been nice for Jay Cutler to have both of those guys to throw to.

These moves may not be the big splashes that many fans wanted but they are both solid signing. I still would have preferred the Bears getting involved in the Chad Johnson trade talk but as usual Jerry let us down. If the Bears were willing to give up a 2nd, 5th and 6th round pick over the last year and next few years the Bears could have Jay Cutler throwing to Chad Johnson and Boldin. Damn that would have been nice.

Now hopefuly they will get Olin and Anthony Adams signing before they lose them as well