The lockout is over......right? The players can head back to their respective team training facilities and start working out and training just like every other offseason......right?

I thought the ruling by Judge Nelson was granting an injunction to lift the lockout. So shouldn't players be allowed to use the weight room or rehab equipment?

I guess not or at least that is not being done up at Halas Hall.

Kicker Robbie Gould was not allowed to work out today as he entered the Bears facility. He was basically just given a tour of the place. Like he didn't know where everything was. Gould was the player rep for the Bears in the union which decertified when the lockout happened.

"All you can do if you show up today as a player is to basically tour the facility," Gould told Tuesday morning. "I first went to the training room and all the trainers were there, but they placed a call to [Bears contract negotiator] Cliff Stein, who came downstairs from his office to inform me that I could not work out until clarification comes from the judge's ruling."

He continued

"I spoke to both Stein and team president Ted Phillips, and they claimed the reason players won't be able to work out is because of fiscal liability," Gould said. "They just don't want to run the financial risk of anyone getting hurt."

According to reports the locker room was locked and all players are being directed to the cafeteria and informed they can not work out at Halas Hall.

All this shows is that without a new collective bargaining agreement probably nothing is going to change or get done which is very frustrating.

At least we have the draft on Thursday to distract us from all this crap too bad ESPN will probably talk about it endlessly. For nonlabor talk tune into The Fantasy Sideline Show for a fan view on the draft as the first round happens.