It is hard to talk about this Bears win without talking about who they play next but I'm going to try.

Much like in 2006 the Chicago Bears had a first round bye and in the second round they faced the Seattle Seahawks. This same Seahawks team had already traveled to Soldier Field once this year and walked away with a 23-20 victory. This was a very different game.

Jay Cutler in is his first playoff game was very good. He wasn't Aaron Rodgers 31-36 good but he did throw for 2 touchdowns as well as run for 2. Greg Olsen who was drafted after the Bears had lost to the Colts in the Super Bowl was also seeing his first playoff action and exploded in the first half for 113 yards off 3 catches and scored a touchdown off a 58 yard bomb from Cutler on just the Bears' third offensive play of the game.

Don't let the final score of 35-24 foul you, it was 28-3 at the end of the third quarter. Mike Williams might have had two touchdowns but look at all the drops he had and his second TD was because some how the ball slipped out of Peanut Tillman's hands and Williams saved it before it hit the ground.

I tweeted this out during the game but seriosly watching Peanut dive for interceptions is like watching Alfonso Soriano dive for fly balls in the outfield.

Overall it was just a great effort by the Bears taking care of a team they lost to earlier in the year and one that didn't deserve to be in the playoffs.

Next up is the Green Bay Packers and that preview is an article all on it's on but opening line for the game is Packers getting 3. That means for the non gamblers out there that the experts are picking that Green Bay will win by at least 3 points. It is going to be a fun week.