With the Bears releasing 3rd string QB Brett Basanez on Wednesday it has become official that the Bears are in the market for a veteran QB to compete with Haine and rookie 6th round pick Dan LeFevour.

Some of the names we have been hearing for months since Lovie and Jerry finally decided to hire Mike Martz as the OC.

Marc Bulger- old, banged up, everything they were saying about Kurt Warner when he left St. Louis and just like Warner no one is really offering him the starting job he is holding out for. Marc is probably waiting to see what Favre does with the Vikings, if he decided to retire Bulger might be the best fit for the Vikes. If Bulger decided to come to Chicago I would suspect they might try to trade Haine because my guess LeFevour would not clear waivers and make it to the practice squad.

Josh McCown- Josh spent some time with Martz during his Lions days. McCown might be a good fit just to push the young backup duo while probably enusring they both make the team. He would give all the QBs a little insight into Martz's offense but he was a backup and probably just a training camp QB.

JaMarcus Russell - I have no idea where this is coming from. Russell could end up coming to the Bears but I would think he is a better fit to fill the hole at LG rather then the #2 QB spot. JaMarcus who has been a huge bust after being drafted #1 overall a few years ago has no ties to Martz except McCown being traded from the Lions to the Raiders. Da Bears normally don't try projects like this and with no one safe why would the coaching staff waste their time on this one. By the way if you doubt he would play left guard he measures at 6'6 and rumor has it he has ballooned up to 300 lbs.

I don't think the Bears will sign anyone except if there is an injury and McCown or Bulger are available during training camp but it could be just as likely that Basanez could be resigned at that point.