The Chicago Bears season was great last year until Cutler got hurt.  Hanie replaced him and didn't do to well but remember this guy almost won us the NFC Title game. Josh Mccown came and played the last two games of the season  and looked pretty good but it wasn't enough.  Recently, the Bears have placed the franchise  tag on Matt Forte and Bears are letting Hanie go.  Who can the Bears add this season? 


     Vincent Jackson

    Former Chargers wide receiver, Vincent J. was a huge target for Rivers.  He also can be a target for any other team is well.  If the Bears want to get him, they will have to battle with many other NFL teams.  One team the Bears are contending with is the Vikings.  Their NFC North rivals.  He will be a threat for Jay Cutler to go along with Knox and Bennett.  


     Rex Grossman

    Rex actually lead us to the  Super Bowl. Once a Bear always a Bear is what I like to  say.  He last played with Washington  and didn't do too  bad.  I was thinking of picking him up in fantasy!?!  With Hanie leaving Rex could be a great back-up to Jay.  



     Antonio Dixon

     This a tough and physical guy who can replace Anthony Adams on the Monster of the Midway D line.  This is a total opinion but why not.  His performance with Phily was not horrible and who knows what he could do in Chicago.  



     These are few of many the Bears could add to their team.  I don't know what they will do but there new Bears GM Phil Emery is determined to do something.