ESPN has released their NHL Power Rankings to kick off the season and guess where the defending champion, Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks are ranked?

1? Nope somehow the team the Hawks have knocked out of the playoffs the last two season, Vancouver Cancucks, has the #1 spot.

So if not #1 they must be #2, right? Wrongo the divison rival Detroit Redwings have the #2 spot claimed. This just makes me ready for that first "Detroit Sucks" chant on Saturday.

Ok so that is two fellow Western Conference teams in the first two spots, could another team really be ahead of the Hawks?

Si, correcto because at the #3 spot is the Washington Capitals. I really have nothing to say about this except they lack goaltending.

So if not the top three where are the Hawks. Well the wait is over because the defending champs are ranked 4th. For all the reasons this is disrespectful is in the video below. Forget about Buff, Niemi, Burish, etc... that they lost. The most important pieces stayed.

I have completey faith in this team and fully believe they have a great shot at repeating with the youth and veteran leadership while also adding young talent and a seasoned vet hungry to win in Turco. Expect a look at the roster before the puck drops on Thursday.