A lot has happened in March for our Blackhawks.  Jonathan Toews has been out most of the month and the Hawks still managed to go 10-4.  That is very good with most of the time having your captain out. 


That 10-4 record has done so much for them. 


First, it clinched them playoff spot.  The hawks have now made the playoffs since the 08-09 season.

Second, they are catching the higher spots in the conference.  They are tied with Detroit for the fifth spot and one point behind the Nashville Predators for the 4th sport. 

Third, their confidence builds.  With 3 games left in the season, they are looking to finish well.  They are showing how well they can play without their leader.  Guys like Andrew Brunette are stepping up because they know what they have to do.


Now looking at home ice advantage for the playoffs, the hawks have to battle it out to get as high as they can in the standings.  This means so much for the team after losing first round last year in a hard fought series verses the Vancouver Canucks. 


Jonathan Toews has been cleared for contact and looks to return for at least 1 of the last 3 games of the regular season. 


The Hawks will face the non-playoff hopefuls from Minnesota tonight at the United Center at 6 p.m. ct. 

Remaining Schedule for the Chicago Blackhawks

4/5 @ Minnesota

4/7 @ Detroit