That 9 game losing streak was horrible for the Hawks. Johnathan Toews said, "It is hard to sleep at night."  I would not blame him.  The main cause of the horrible streak was their defence.  They missed easy takeaways and not enough aggressiveness.  But the Hawks are now on a 4 game winning streak.  You may ask why a sudden change?


      No one likes to lose.  Winning is the best felling.  The Hawks having losing 9 straight, something changes when they faced the Rangers.  They had their 4 only goals in the 1st ten minutes of  the 1st period.  That sparked hope for them again and they have showed it.  


      The defence has been awesome during the past 4 games. They had held their  opponent's to 1 goal except NY had 2.  That showed change.  During that 9 game skid their opponent's had at least 3 goals of more.  Goal-tending is big in this but I will talk about in a bit.  Led by Keith and Seabook, the Hawks have had great D.  Keep it up guys and we will climb up in the standings.


      Goal-tending.    Some people say its the most important position in hockey and sports.  What do you think?  Well, its been important during this 4 game win streak.  Corey Crawford was nothing like himself during that road trip.  I was saying the Hawks should get rid of him at the end of season but I changed my mind...for now :).  He has held opponent's to 2 goals or less during this streak.  Especially against the division rivals Columbus, Blues, and Wings. Corey said reason for bad goal-tending was he was getting to far out of crease. He is now deep in the crease and look what can happen! 


    The Hawks will keep this up, I know they will.  They are rolling and will let no one get in their way.  


     The Hawks face the Stars tonight.  Corey will start and Nick H will return after being out.  Montador is still out with concussion like symptoms and Toews is out with an upper body injury.  Be prepared to see Kane at the center position.  Let's Go Hawks!!