A poor bench performance cost the Bulls a win vs the defending champs in LA on Tuesday. The Bulls lost 98-91 to the Lakers who got 39 points from their bench compared to the 10 the Bulls managed to get.

Shannon Brown, who the Bulls did not offer a contract to over the summer, was tied with Lamar Odom with 21 points to lead the Lakers. Brown, a product of Proviso West, shot 7-14 from the field including 5-10 from behind the arc.

Derrick Rose lead all scorers with 30 points while dishing 8 assists and grabbed 5 rebound while Joakim Noah absolutely outplayed Pau Gasol. Noah had 19 points 13 rebounds 3 blocks 4 steals and even 3 assists while Gasol only managed 13 points and 12 rebounds and went 3-10 from the field one game after going 10-10 against the Warriors.

Something that continues to be very clear is the Bulls are a very good team that people in the East need to respect because the addition of a healthy Carlos Boozer is only going to make them more dangerous and also they won't be able to compete for a championship with the lack of production from the shooting guard spot.

Keith Bogans 1-5 with all 5 being from beyond the arc.

Kyle Korver 1-6 with 4 from 3 point land

Ronnie Brewer 1-4 zero from behind the arc but was able to get to the line 4 times and made them all to lead the bench with 6 points.

Korver and Brewer I forgive because they have been playing pretty well but Bogans continues to play awful. Keith Bogans was advertised as a guy who can hit the open 3, I have said this is a lie from the beginning look it up, he is shooting 29.3 from 3 point land and 38.6 overall from the field. He has taken a total of 57 shots, 41 of those were 3 point attempts. His attempts are third on the team behind Rose and Deng but still above sharp shooting Kyle Korver. Here is the big difference Korver has 36 attempts and has made half of them.

If Bogans is going to start and play the Ron Harper role of playing defense and doing the little things that is fine but his shooting light needs to go from green to red. He ha only scored in double digits twice this season, all in wins and all when he is making his shots and in everyone he has made at least 2. During that 3 games stretch he went 7 for 17 scoring 35 points. That means 21 of those 35 points came on 3's while only 2 points came from the free throw line. Overall on the yearhe has made 22 shots and 12 were 3's, that is not a very efficent way to score.

Coach Thibs needs to fix this problem. Maybe he needs to lose his starting spot or maybe find a seat by Kurt Thomas for a game or two but Keith Bogans needs to stop shooting.

Ok now that I'm done with the Bogans rant the loss brought the Bulls to 2-2 on the circus trip with 3 games to go. Next up is Phoenix tonight with tip off at 8 PM with a day off Thursday and then another back to back in Denver on Friday and the Kings on Saturday. All 3 could be won but I'd be happy with a 2-1 record which would be a 4-3 record on the trip. Expections have been raised because going into it I would have taken 3-4.