Thank you Phoenix Suns.

You gave the Bulls a tough game about a week ago but on Wednesday you did Chicago a favor. As the Bulls were taking on the lowly New Jersey Nets the Suns were beating the team that has held the best record for most of the season. With Chicago 97-92 win and the Suns 106-103 win over the Spurs it gave the Bulls a record of 62-20 which is 1 game better then the Spurs 61-21.

Therefore the Bulls have the best record in all of the NBA which gives them home court against any team they will face in the playoffs. And with a team that was 36-5 at home that is going to be a big edge. The Bulls never lost more then two games in a row all season so they are going to be a very difficult out.

Tom Thibodeau who is in his first season as a NBA head coach tied Paul Westphal with 62 wins in their first NBA season. Also Derrick Rose did something only 6 other players have other done averaging at least 25 points 7 assists and 4 rebounds.

The Bulls start their playoff run Saturday against the Indiana Pacers.