And the man in the middle from Florida..... JOAKIM NOAH!!!!!!

That is something Bulls fans have been waiting to hear for over 2 months as center Joakim Noah was out after tearing ligaments in his hand.

The Bulls played surprisingly well without Noah going 22-8 in those 30 games and had huge wins over the Magic, Heat, Celtics and Spurs.

Interestingly enough Noah's return comes in the exact same place as we lost saw him in Toronto taking on the Raptors. The game will mark only the 10th time the Bulls will have a full healthy roster. The Bulls went 7-2 in those first 9 games and expections are sky high now with the return of Noah.

It will be nice to see how the healthy Bulls play Wednesday but the real test will be Thursday as they host the Miami Heat. It will be only the second time the teams have played this season but neither were healthy in the first matchup.