Wow it's already been 20 years. I was only a few years old when the 85 Bears won the Super Bowl so I don't completely remember just how crazy the town was but I was 9 when the Bulls won their title and remember it very well.

I remember hating the Detroit Pistons. Michael Jordan & Co. were losing to the Boston Celtics or the Bad Boy Pistons every year in the playoffs but in the spring on 1991 it was a very different story.

During the 1990-1991 season the Bulls won 61 games which at the time was a franchise record. After going 61-21 in the regular season the Bulls rolled in the playoffs only losing two games on their way to winning their first title. Michael Jordan won the regular season MVP as well as the Finals MVP. 

Out of the 12 members of that championship team only two members were unable to make the reunion. Starting center Bill Cartwright and backup point guard BJ Armstrong were unable to make it. Also most of the coaching staff wasn't present since make up most of the Lakers coaching staff.

One thing that was very clear was that the current Bulls were trying to impress as they were blowing out the Utah Jazz in the first half before the half time ceremony. The highlight of the night may have been when Michael Jordan was announced almost just like he was back in the day. At 6'6........Michael Jordan.

My second favorite night was when his airness gave credit who someone who didn't play or coach for that 90-91 team. That person that Michael Jordan took time to give credit to was the late great Johnny "Red" Kerr.

I personally thought overall the ceremony was very well done. A couple things I would have liked was to see the ceremony be done against the Lakers. One reason was because it was who the Bulls defeated to win the first title and secondly so the coaching staff could have been there as well. The only other thing I would have truly liked them to do was announce the starting five just like they did in the day.

I wonder if they are going to do this for the other five title teams and also wonder if the current Bulls will be adding any banners before all those celebrations are done.