This is a memo to John Paxson, Gar Foreman or whoever is running things up at the Betro Center. Say NO to Chris Bosh. I don't care if everyone else says no and you are stuck with all that money or you score big and bring Lebron or Wade to town and they want you to send Luol Deng packing to Toronto so they can bring their buddy Bosh to town. To quote my DARE teacher back in 5th grade: Just say NO! I have let it be known before how my opinion of Bosh has changed over this past season. I view him as a player who puts up big numbers on a bad team that really doesn't help that team win. When he is surrounded by great players, like on the Olympic team, he plays great but in no way is viewed as the main guy. If you didn't see what he tweeted about a week after the season just look, I thought a whole piece about it. This week it is that Bosh has given the Raptors a list or teams he would accept a sign and trade to. This guy isn't even thinking of signing anywhere as a free agent. He will not leave the money on the table. This is of course just incase he doesn't decide to resign with Toronto. His 4 teams with the Nets, Knicks, Lakers and yes Da Bulls. Also being reported is Bosh would like to join buddy Lebron James if he does decide to sign with the Bulls or Knicks. I don't know how many times I can say it. Just Say NO! If you trade for Bosh his contract will become huge dead weight within a couple years and put you way over the luxury tax line once you have to extend Noah and Rose. So please in no situation say yes to Bosh please target someone like Carlos Boozer or Joe Johnson and if their price tag is too high there is always David Lee. I don't know if any of those other guys will help the Bulls win a title but I know Chris Bosh will have no effect on this team bringing title #7 to town.