It might not be pretty but who cares a win is a win and the Bulls are one win away from advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

Drose & Co. won another close game over the Pacers 88-84 and for the first time this series someone besides Rose showed up to play. Luol Deng scored 21 and added 6 rebounds as well as 6 assists while Derrick only scored 23 as he had an off night shooting going 4-18 from the field. Carlos Boozer had another bad game going 2-10 from the field but him and Noah did their jobs on the glass grabbing 21 rebounds combined.

For the Pacers it was Danny Granger and not much else. Danny led them with 21 and only two other players got in double digits for the Pacers. Psycho T and Dahanty Jones had 10 & 11 points respectively.

The Bulls will look to finish the series Saturday afternoon in Indy and if by chance the Pacers do find a way to steal game 4 the Bulls will return home to play game 5 on Tuesday evening.

Let's hope it ends Saturday so we can stop hearing the media question just how good this Bulls team is. How about everyone give some credit to the Pacers who finally are playing up to their potential. If they played like this all year long they could have been a 5 or 6 seed rather then an 8th seed with a sub 500 record.