Last year the Bulls were one series away from the NBA Finals. This season the Bulls want to get back to that last situations but guess what... NBA is in a lockout. So that leaves NBA players out of a job and almost nothing to do. But some players go overseas to get some playing time. Luol Deng, Jokim Noah, and John Lucas are playing for teams out of the country.


     Jokim Noah is playing for France. His first game in Aug 31 vs Lativa. He has been battling an injury though. He has been having treatment in Los Angeles for his right ankle. But he will be able to play. He was a big part of the Bulls success last year and hopefully make an impact for France.


     Luol Deng will be playing for Great Britain. Great Britain is part of a Aug 31- Sept 18 tourney in Lithuania. He says excited to play and Great Britain is excited that he will be on the team. Deng was amazing for DA BULLS last year and wants the do the same for GB.


     John Lucas scored 60 points in a NY summer game. He is the son of former NBA coach John Lucas. John Lucas III went 22-41 and 6-19 3 pointers and he was 10-11 from the free throw line and 4 assists. Now John does not play much for the Bulls but mabye this will give the Bulls a different look at John Lucas III.