The Bulls hosted the Bobcats at the UC tonight.  Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson  did not play.  Rose  missed his 4th striaght game with a toe injury.  Noah has a left sprained ankle and Taj I am not sure about.  That meant people like Omar Asik, Brian Scalabrine, and Kevin James had to step up.

     The Bulls are now 15-3 the best record in the NBA.  Leading their division by 3 games over Indiana Pacers.  The Magic  trail the Bulls by 2.5 games in the Conference. 


      So the game tonight was a close game all the way till the Bulls pulled away at the end.  The final score was 95-89.  


     The 1st half was a back and forth game.  Either team really couldn't get a huge lead.  it was 3,4,5 point game almost the whole way.  The 2nd half was a good half.  Not really much to say.  Without Rose the game can get boring. 


Top player Status


Luol Deng 22pts 8 assists

Carlos Boozer 23pts 15 rebounds

C.J. Watson 11pts but impressive 9 assists



Gerald Henderson 22pts 9 rebounds

Tyrus Thomas 6pts 7 rebounds

Bryon Mullens 17pts 5 rebounds


     You can't forget Brian Scalabrine who had only 2pts and 1 rebound.  He totally deserves a paragraph to himself.  Brian contributes in so many ways that he really doesn't need to fill up the stat book.  Let's Go Brian!