Many Bulls fans were very upset the general manager Gar Forman failed to upgrade the shooting guard position. Many fans viewed the team's refusal to trade either Taj Gibson or Omer Asik as once again the team overvaluing their young talent.

That second part might be very true but I'm here to tell you the first part isn't. The Bulls targeted OJ Mayo and offered a lot to try and get him but the deal was rejected. Chicago Offered Ronnie Brewer, 2 first round (I assume their own this year & the newly acquired Heat pick) plus a second round pick. The

Grizzlies rejected the trade instead they tried for a three-way trade involved the Pacers and Hornets. It is believed the Grizzlies would be receiving forward Josh McRoberts and a first round pick. That deal fell through as the Hornets pulled out of the deal leaving the Pacers and Hornets scrambling.

OJ Mayo was the only guy on the market I was ok with trading either Taj or Omer for but I guess the Bulls did not want to give up any bigs. Maybe the Bulls can revisit this trade during the summer. And since the Pistons failed to trade Rip Hamilton to the Cavs, it sounds like they will not be buying Rip out so I expect the Bulls to just head into the playoffs with what they got.

I wonder if Gar would have been ok with trading Taj or Omer if he knew about the Celtics trade of Perkins?

The deadline for players to be bought out and signed to new team is March 1 if they want to be allowed on playoff roster. It will be an interesting couple of days