As everyone knows I am a die-hard Bulls fan. I'm a huge fan of Derrick Rose. I am not questioning him or his skills in any way. The purpose of this article is to show just how rare it is that a championship team's best player is a point guard. For this history lesson I'm going to take a look at teams from 1980-2011. Please forgive me if I happen to miss some great point guard as I go through this.

John Stockton, Mark Jackson, Steve Nash, Tim Hardaway, Lenny Wilkens, Kevin Johnson, Muggsy Bogues, Andre Miller, Rod Strickland, Terry Porter and as of right now Jason Kidd. All very good to great point guards who are ringless and all are ranked in the top 20 alltime in the assists category. Another great, Gary Payton, won his only ring at the end of his career as he chased a ring. One player who isn't on the all time assist list but was a great point guard is Allen Iverson who also is ringless. Not all of these guys were the best player on their team but they were right up there. Also as of right now you can add in the likes of Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Derrick Rose who are currently played and unquestionably the best player on their respective teams who are ringless.

Jason Kidd might be able to remove himself from this list if the Mavs can seal the deal against the Heat by winning 1 more game but still he is well past his prime and no where near the best player on Dallas.

Including the soon to be crowned champion there have been 31 championship teams and only 7 of them have had their PG as their best player. Funny thing is only 2 franchises and 2 players won those 7 titles. Magic Johnson and his "Showtime" Lakers won 5 titles while Isiah Thomas and his "Bad Boy" Pistons won 2 titles. Out of the remaining 24 teams only one team is debatable if the PG was the best player and that is in 2004 when Chancey Billups and the Pistons beat the Lakers. 

My personal opinion even though Magic Johnson is widely considered a point guard and was one of the best ever I have always had a hard time viewing him as one.  I mean come on the man is 6'9, he even started at center during the 1980 finals. He was probably on average anyone from 6-9 inches taller then the other team's point guard on most nights. So if you removed Magic and just looked at normal sized point guards that would leave only Thomas and maybe Billups as the only ones to have won a title. 3 for 31 so about 10%.

Looking at the top ten players in assists for this past 2010-2011 season only 2 have won titles (Tony Parker & Rajon Rondo). It can be 3 with Kidd if the Mavericks win. Even if you look at the top 20 we can add Derek Fisher and Chauncey Billups and possible JJ Barea to it. Tony Parker is another guy who could be possibly viewed as the best player but really everyone knows the Spurs were only going as far as Tim Duncan carried them.

Seriously it i hard to believe that Gary Payton, Allen Iverson, John Stockton, and Jason Kidd only have 1 title between them and only made it to the finals 7 times. Then other like Tim Hardaway and Steve Nash never even made it to the finals.

So even though we might be entering the "golden age" of point guards and with new rules making the league more point guard friendly you still have to ask if it's best to build your team around a point guard. It makes for a very interesting debate and one maybe the Cavs should look into before they draft Kyrie Irving.

Let's hope that maybe it's a Chicago thing and Derrick Rose can follow in the foot steps of Isiah Thomas who just so happen to be born and raised in the Chicagoland area. If not don't say I didn't warn you.