The first three-peat team had Horace Grant.

The second three-peat team had Dennis Rodman.

If the Chicago Bulls have any chance of making to the NBA Finals, then Carlos Boozer needs to be a mix of the two.

Last summer Boozer was signed by the Chicago Bulls to be the second offensive option behind franchise cornerstone Derrick Rose. However, during the season it became clear that the Bulls have an extremely deep team, and on any any given night there are two or three guys ready to step up and help Rose carry the offensive load.

However, what also became clear is that Boozer's defense—or lack thereof—cannot be hidden on this team. Often during the playoffs, Boozer would find himself being replaced early in games by Taj Gibson because he was unable to even slow down the other team's power forward or center. Head coach Tom Thibodeau is a defense-first kind of coach, and if Boozer can't play defense he won't be playing much.

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