Well we don't know if there will even be a 2011 season but if there is we now know where and when the Bears will play.

There were rumors going around about two possible games for the upcoming season. The first one was that the Bears would travel to London to take on the Tampa Bay Bucs and the second being they would open the season playing Green Bay. Well one of those were true. They will travel to London to play Tampa but they will not be opening against the Packers. The Saints were the lucky team to open against the defending champs.

9/11 vs Falcons (10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks)

9/18 at New Orleans (How many Bears fans will be heading South for this one)

9/25 vs Packers (rematch of the NFC title game)

10/2 vs Panthers (Bears welcome Ron Rivera & his Carolina team to town)

10/10 at Detroit (How is this a Monday Night game?)

10/16 vs Vikings (Back to back national games, Sunday Night Football)

10/23 vs Tampa in London

10/30 Bye week

11/7 at Philadelphia (Taking on Vick on Monday night)

11/13 vs Lions (How many QBs will Detroit have used by this game?)

11/20 vs Chargers (Jay gets to see old buddy Philip Rivers)

11/27 at Oakland 

12/4 vs Chiefs (Thomas Jones comes back to Soldier Field)

12/11 at Denver (Cutler vs Orton or will it be Tebow by then)

12/18 vs Seahawks (Is Seattle on the schedule every year?)

12/25 at Green Bay (Christmas Sunday Night game, 4th national TV game)

1/1 at Vikings 

Wow that is a tough end to the season. Four out of the six final games are on the road. They play six playoffs teams and two teams that just missed out on them in Tampa and San Diego. If the Lockout isn't over by August 1 the London game will happen in Tampa instead of jolly old England.

It's going to be a tough season. If Lovie can get this team to the playoffs against this schedule I'd be very impressed.