When will the Bears learn?

I guess the 2007 season didn't prove that Mark Anderson couldn't be a starting end in this league since they again handed him the job this season when they said goodbye to Alex Brown. Remember they benched Alex Brown in 2007 after Anderson had a 12 sack season during his rookie year in 2006.

Why did it take 4 games for them to realize Anderson wasn't the answer? This move just annoys me and again so what a bad General Manager Jerry Angelo is and what a poor judge of talent this coaching staff is. When Julius Peppers was signed I was very excited but also did not let myself get my hopes up too much. The idea of Alex Brown and Peppers would have been a great combo but then they said goodbye to Brown who won the starting job with the defending champs down in New Orleans.

The Bears have signed Charles Grant, former Saint, to replace Anderson. So they traded Alex Brown's 43.5 sacks for Mark Anderson's 21.5 for now Charles Grant's 47. Wouldn't they have been just better off holding on to Alex Brown in the first place?

Grant was with Miami during the preseason before being cut and ended up playing with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL. As another bonus to show just how stupid this organization is Grant has a possible suspension hanging over his head. He is one of the players who filed suit to prevent being suspended for using a diuretic and if it is ever settled will have to serve 4 games.

Seriously why is Tommie Harris still here? If they were going to cut anyone why not him? I am so happy they lost so I can be negative against the organization now