I never thought the NFL lockout would come to an end.  After 132 days?...the lockout came to an end and started the 2011-2012 NFL season.  It has been a crazy time with all the draft signings, free agent pick-ups, and trades.  The Philedelphia Eagles are said to be a repeat of the "Miami Heat" because the heat got wade, bosh, and james while the Eagles went out and got a lot of good players like signing free agent Nnamdi Asomugha.  But the Bears got Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, Marion Barber, and former texans DE Okoye. I almost forgot the Bears traded Greg Olson :-(.  


     The Bears came into the Preseason as a n improved team.  They went out to fill the weak spots on their offence an defence.  With 2 new recievers to fit in with Devin Hester and Johnny Knox, the Bears improved their wide reciever core.  With the addition of Marion Barber, the Bears now have 3 grat running backs.  Its going to be a good backfield for Da Chicago Bears this season!  So the Bears entered their first preseason vs. the Bills on Augest 13 ready to play. 

     The Bears had the Bills at home.  The Turf at Soldier Field was all figured out so football was a go.  In Presason, starters dont play much because coachs dont want injuries.  So back-ups play a ton in preseason.  Those back-ups want to show the coaching staff that they come in during regular season!


     The Bears started on defence and allowed a field goal on the Bills opening drive.  The bears awnser with nothing.  That was Jay Cutler only drive and he went 1/1 and 1 rush for 10 yards.  Most of the offence and defence for the Bears only went 1 drive.  So after Jay left Caleb took over the starting job.  On another matter Roy Williams got the starting spot over Johnny Knox and ruers were Johnny wanted a trade if he did not get starting positon.  He did realy well though.  He had some good catches along with huge kick returns. 


     The back-ups did well.  Caleb was 3/7 for 32 yards.  The Bears running backs did amazing.  Matt Forte caught a pass but never got to run the ball.  Barber ran for 75 yards, Bell ran for 73, Taylor ran for only 3 yards!.  Wide reciever wise, Know 11 yards, Clark 14 yards, Bennett 7, Bell caught 2 passes for 46 yards.  Bell had a big night.  i would love to see him in the regular season and playoffs also if the Bears get that far (they will).  Otherwise the Bears had a great night. They won 10-3.  Caleb had a 4 yard touchdown run and Robbie Gold kicked a field goal.


     The Bears next gane is against the @ Giants.  It will be interesting how those defences do since they are both very good.  Who will perform better Manning or Cutler.  And will Kahill Bell have another break out game.  The game is Monday Augest 22 at 7:00pm.