"It's there; I have a consistent 3-point shot now," Rose said Wednesday night to KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. "You'll see. I just have so much confidence in my jump shot now. It's coming along so good. It's past even my expectations at this point."

If this is true then point guards all over the league should be very worried. Rose who is already one of the fastest and quickest point guards in the league only had one glaring weakness during his first two seasons and that was his outside shooting.

Derrick had already improved his shooting from year one to year two going from a 47.5% field goal and 22.2% three point shooter his rookie season to 48.9% fg and 26.7% 3pt while also taking on more of an offensive load increasing his points per game from 16.8 to 20.8.

Just imagine what an improved outside shot could do for him? Teams would have to decide to lay off of him or stay right on him. If they stay on him that allows him to beat him with speed forcing the defense to collapse leaving a shooter, Korver open. If they lay off of him then he puts a dagge in their hearts settling for the outside shot. Either way this is a great thing for the Bulls moving forward.

In other news: Rose, who is out in Vegas watching the Bulls summer league play, is getting ready for Team USA practices which start next week. Rose who has a very good shot of making the team to compete in the World Championships in Turkey later this summer due to the fact that none of the "Redeem" team members are returning.

Rose will be competing against Rondo, Billups and Westbrook as well as Steph Curry and Tyreke Evans for probably three roster spots. I would expect Rose and Billups to be shoeins with Rondo and Westbrook competing for the third spot/point defender. Evans and Curry could easily fill in at shooting guard or in Curry's case be the designated shooter. Derrick has actually spent some time training with Evans and Westbrook this offseason so there might be some chemistry which those three.

As usual the very humble Rose had this to say about his chances of making the team:

"I'm in shape, but I don't think I'm a lock for the team. That's when things get taken away from you. I'm going to go play my regular way and hopefully make it."

Rose would be the first Bull to play for Team USA since former Bull Kirk Hinrich helped the team win Bronze in the 2006 games in Japan.