Before reading anything you have to watch the video. I can't stop laughing. It makes no sense to me how this is how you celebrate a teammate having a great dunk. Was Scalabrine to the Celtics what Chunk was to the Goonies?

The Bulls finally got their new head coach one of "his" guys from his old team. They have signed forward Brian Scalabrine to a one year non-guaranteed deal. Scalabrine has spent the last the last five seasons in Boston after spending the first four years of his career in New Jersey. In his nine career seasons he has been to the finals four times including winning the championship in 2008 with the Celtics.

Reportly coach Thibodeau pushed very hard for the team to sign Scalabrine but I just keep finding myself asking why. Scalabrine is a bench warmer plain and simple. He has averaged 13.8 minutes a game has never played in more then 71 games and has nevered started more then 17 games in a single season. He has averaged 3.3 points, .9 assists, 2.1 rebounds and sports a 35% three point shooting percentage but he only averages 1 three point shot per game.

With Noah, Kurt Thomas, Taj Gibson, Carlos Boozer and Omar Asik along with Luol Deng and James Johnson all possibly logging time at power forward and some of the end of the bench roles I seriously question what Scalabrine will provide?

Could this be a move to help fill out a bench after a big trade for Carmelo Anthony?

If nothing else it will be very entertaining watching Brain's cheereading from the end of the bench but let's hope he might be able to provide a little more then that