Chicago say hello to your new sniper.

The Bulls on Tuesday unveiled their new sharpshooter, Kyle Korver, who will wear #26.

Korver, 29, is a 6'7 shooting guard who has played seven years in the league. He started his career with the 76ers before being traded to the Jazz during the 2007-2008 season.

Also ladies may want to pay attention because many people confuse him with actor Ashton Kutcher. I don't see if but I guess it happens enough that he has it happen to him a lot on the street even thought he is 5 inches taller then Ashton. Interestingly enough is both are from Iowa.

Something a little interesting about his number choice is he wore #25 during his college years at Creighton. Former Bull Steve Kerr used to wear #25, whose 3pt shooting % record was broken this past season but none other then Kyle Korver.

Kyle is the second former member of the Utah Jazz to join the Bulls this offseason and if he has anything to say about it he may not be the last. During his press conference it let it be known that Carlos Boozer started recruiting him once he agreed to come to Chicago. Well Korver has already started texting Ronnie Brewer, who might be a nice compliment to Korver at shooting guard.

I would expect the Bulls to wait and see what the Orlando Magic decide to do with the offer sheet signed by JJ Redick before pursuing any other wing players but Brewer could be their #1 target if the Magic decide to keep JJ.