The Chicago Bulls starters Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, and Richard Hamailton cant do it all.  Every NBA team has to have a good bench in order to be successful.  The Bulls bench is not just ok but awesome. 


      The Bulls Bench is Omar Asik, Ronnie Brewer, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Mike James, Kyle Korver, John Lucus III, C. J Watson, and you can't forget Brian Scalabrine. 


       Omar Asik is a great  player and great defencive player.  He can play the Center of Power Foward.  This guy plays the game with his heart and impresses the team and fans with his performance.


       Ronnie Brewer has a great shot.  It looks funky  because he broke his arm when he was a kid.  His ability at the SG position is good for the bulls.  He doesn't have the best ball handling skills but a good shot no doubt.  


       Jimmy Butler was selected from Marquette University in this years draft.  He doesn't play unless they have a big lead.  I would like him to sub for luol of Rip but that's not gonna happen.  His energy playing for like 2 minutes is awesome.  They have a big lead but he plays like it close.  Big future for him with the Bulls or any team. 


       Taj Gibson is an athletic dude.  He doesn't shoot mostly.  He gets fead down low and rebounds.  His usual sub for Noah replaces Noah energy and puts his own in the mix.


        Really nothing to say about Mike James.  The Bulls got him to add an extra guard because Rose was hurt.  LOL when he played his 1st game he wore #11 with no name!


        Kyle Korver gives you the hot sauce. One the  leading NBA player in 3pt field goal percentage.  His 3 point shots give a boost the Bulls score.  Kyle is amazing coming off screens.  He comes of the screen, sets and shoots.  What else could you ask for. 


       John Lucas III played a lot cause both Rose and Watson were hurt.  A good ball handler he was able to create his own shot of the dribble.  He played a huge part in the absences of the Bulls two best point guard. Now he will see decreased playing time.  That is sad because he was not playing all that bad but Rose and Watson are better.  


       C.J. Watson is a great sub for Rose.  You couldn't ask for any other guard.  His ball handling is good and he can pop a 3 really anytime.  Will not start over Rose but 1st option for Rose any time of game.  


        The White Mamba is Brian Scalabrine.   Brian can do anything.  He can send u an invitation to his block party, he can pop a shot, he can dish beautifully.  As Stacey King says " He can do anything Funk."  He barley plays but he plays 100% anytime he gets a chance. His fan base is huge.  Away crowds will chant Scalabrine.  Also is the best supporter on the team.  He is the 1st guy yhere to give high fives at timeouts.  He will never be short of support.