They don't know who they will play but they do know when they will play. As the Chicago Bulls rest up after their 5 game series with the Pacers and await the winner of the Orlando Magic-Atlanta Hawks series, they can start making their travel plans.

Game 1 @ the UC Monday May 2 TBA

Game 2 @ the UC Wednesday May 4 TBA

Game 3 Orlando/Atlanta Friday May 6 TBA

Game 4 Orlando/Atlanta Sunday May 8 TBA

Game 5 @ the Madhouse Tuesday May 10 TBA

Game 6 Somewhere in the South May 12 TBA

And finally Game 7 will be May 15 at the UC if needed and of course time to be announced

Not to bad this time around. Not like that awful first round series that saw days between games. This time around the only gap is between game 6 & 7 which I can live with.

The Magic and Hawks play game 6 Thursday and then game 7 if needed would be Saturday. Hawks lead series 3-2.