The Cubs were said that they would be sellers at thetrade deadline.  And that is what theyhave done so far. With the non-wavier trade deadline closing at 4 ET, the Cubscould make more potential moves for the future. 


     The Cubs have traded Reed Johnson and Paul Maholm tothe Braves for Ardoys Vizcanio and Jaye Chapman.  Vizcanio is a top prospect but did haveseason ending Tommy John surgery in April. He is also 21 years old.  JayeChapman on the other hand is 25 years old relief pitcher who has never pitchedin a major league game.  His has 3-6 recordwith a 3.52 ERA and 60 SO in triple-a this season. 

      The Cubs also dealt Geovany Soto to the TexasRangers for minor league pitcher Jake Brigham. Jake is 24 years old. 

      The reason I am stating the newest cubbies age isthat it proves what Theo Epstein wants to do. Theo wants to build a young teamand bring a World Series to the Chicago Cubs just like he did for the BostonRed Sox. 

      Paul Maholm did have a slow start but bounced backand was phenomenal.  Reed Johnson was a great defensive player and a guy you could call on to pinch hit anytime,anywhere.   And lastly Geovany Soto.  He was on and off the DL thought the season which posted his .199 average this season with the Cubs.

      All these guys could be considered old veterans, Geo29, Paul 30, Reed 35!  Theo is getting rid of the “oldies.”  Even though Paul Maholm was doing great, I think he would have left after this season anyway.  And Reed and Soto need to be cleared to give room for guys like Steve Clevinger and Tony Campana to develop. 


Goodbye guys. Thank for being a part of the Cubbies!