Gibbs   With the 160th in the 2011 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears......... Nathan Enderle a QB out of Idaho. WTF!!!!!

That is exactly what I tweeted when it was announced that Bears selected Enderle in the 5th round. Why does Mike Martz not like Caleb?

In a draft where everyone was drafting athletic quarterbacks the Bears drafted a statue in the pocket. Nathan was last in every drill at the scouting combine. Slowest 40, shuttle and cone drill as well as the shortest vertical and broad jump.

Last year it was the pick for Dan LeFevour in the 6th round and this year it's a QB in the 5th round. At Least with Dan he was a hometown guy so there was some explanation for it but Mike Martz I guess is in love with Enderle because he personally went out to Idaho to work him out.

He put up great numbers while at Idaho but also this statue has some chips in it.  In 2007 he ruptured tendons in his throwing hand missing 3 games. In 2009 he missed 2 games for a shoulder injury and then hurt it again in the final game of that season. He did not miss a start during his senior season.

Reading everything about him makes it sound like Nathan is a huge project and could have possibly been picked up as an undrafted free agent. I would expect him to end up on the practice squad because if the Bears go into the season with him as the third stringer we better hope that o-line is a lot better.

After two great picks to start the draft they really have me scratching my head with the last two. Let's hope they make a good one in round 6.