Could Orlando really lose a second franchise center in their short history? 

First Shaq bolted for the bright lights of LA and the Lakers and now Dwight Howard says he wants to test the free agent waters which is a new twist.  By all accounts it sounds like if the Magic wanna keep Howard in Orlando they better win the NBA championship.

The facts for now are that Dwight has one more season on his current contract and no one knows what the new CBA will bring and we all know money usually speaks the loudest.

If Dwight's real #1 goal is to win a title there are a few teams he may target like the Lakers or Clippers or maybe teaming with Deron Williams in New Jersey/Brooklyn but isn't the most appealing choice the Windy City?

Can you imagine Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard on the same team? How good would coach Thibs defense be with defensive player of the year and the best center in the league manning the middle? If the Bulls are interested, and they be crazy not to be, it will probably take a lot to convince the Magic to trade him in the conference but some combo involving Noah, Gibson, Boozer and draft picks would probably get it done.

Boozer would have to be involved to help match the salary but I'm sure the already over the cap Magic would like to avoid taking on that contract. They would love to get their hands on Gibson & Noah but I doubt the Bulls would include both in any sort of deal. The important trade piece the Bulls hold is the draft pick belonging to the Charlotte Bobcats which will become completely unprotected in a few seasons.

The only way that the trade would work where Orlando gets Boozer, Noah & Gibson is if the Magic included Brandon Bass in the deal. The deal could also be expanded or maybe involve a third or fourth team if the Magic refuse to take Boozer's contract.

I would expect the Bulls would only be involved in the trade talks during this summer or next. It is doubtful that Gar Foreman & Pax would rip apart this team mid season. However don't expect a quick move by Orlando to move Howard since he has been running his mouth about this for the last year or 2. Most likely we will just have to wait and see what happens with the new CBA and what teams are allowed to do but the idea of #12 teaming with #1 could provide the Bulls with their next great dynasty.