Most people would assume that I would pick a clip of Donald Trump saying "You're Fired" but Vince McMahon does it so much better.

Cubs owner Tom Rocketts decided to fire general manager Jim Hendry on July 22 which ended his longtime employeement with the Cubs. Yeah that's right. It isn't a misprint. The Cubs fired Jim Hendry on July 22 before the trading deadline but didn't make the annoucement till August 19 because they didn't want to disrupt the signing of their draft picks.

I for a long time defended Hendry but recently I decided the Cubs needed to completely clean house. Many people may not realize that Jim is one of the most successful GMs in Cubs history helping the club win 3 division titles and got them 5 outs from a world series appearance.

The thing that bothers me most about this move is the timing. Why July? Why make the annoucement now? Why allow a lame duck GM to run your team when you have players you could move?

Tom Ricketts said he didn't want to switch horses in mid stream. Then why did he not wait till the end of the season or at least the waiver trade deadline.

Jim Hendry said he decided not to make any moves at the deadline because he wanted the new GM to make decisions on guys like Carlos Pena, Aramis Ramirez and others. There is no choice, trade them all.

Hendry gets unfair hatred for the Soriano contract which really should be laid at the feet of former president John McDonough. Don't forget this is the guy who made the great trade to bring Kenny Lofton and Ramirez to the Cubs in 2003. He sign Mark DeRosa and trade for Derek Lee. I feel Hendry will never get the credit he deserve for just how hard he job was and he went through really 3 ownership groups and during the sale how handcuffed he was.

Best luck to Jim going forward with whatever he decides to do and let's hope Tom Ricketts finds the right man for the job. Now let's start the countdown till Mike Quade gets fired/