On Monday Augest 22,2011 the Cubs placed Carlos Pena on trade waivers through Wednesday.  They tried to trade him before the trade dedline for a slugging 1st baseman but that never happened.  But the Cubs still hace a achance to trade Pena.


     This year Carlos Pena is batting .225 with 23 HR and 67 RBI's.  Also scored 56 runs for the North Siders this season.  These statistics are pretty good.  The Cubs picked him up as a free agent before the season.  He replaced the long time Cub Derek Lee.  Lee was traded to the Cubs in Augest of 10 and Pena was signed to a one year 5 million dollar deal.  He came to the Cubs to fill the first base position and help the Cubs (that barley happened, they are 16 games below .500).  The Cubs gave him too much for one year.  2 mill would have done the job with his numbers right now. 


     So he will be on trade waivers till wedensday.  The Cubs are hoping to get offers (so am i!).  Hopefully a first baseball in return because Blake DeWitt would be the back up 1st baseman and hes not too good (decent).  I would hope the Cubs could get a decent 1st baseman.  They cant get like a Ryan Howard without giving away another big name player.  But the Cubs could get like a Tood Hwlton type a guy who could help the team.  Lets Go Cubbies!!!