Seriously WTF???? All we have been hearing about how the Cubs don't have money and don't expect a big splash in free agency and then they go waste $10 million on a power hitting first baseman who hit under. 200. Carlos Pena hit .196 last year with 28 homers and 84 RBI, he also managed to strikeout 158 times while walking only 87. Bonus he has never played in more then 144 games while playing in his entire career in the American League where he could have Dhed. By the way how the hell did the Rays play him in 144 games last season while hitting .196? Pena, 32, who has been in the majors since 2001 has spent time in Texas with the Rangers, Oakland, Detroit for 4 seasons, Boston and then spent the last 4 years in Tampa. How the hell is he worth $10 million? His salary will be broken up into two parts, 1/2 now in January and then the rest in January 2012. Cubs general manager had this to say about the signing of Pena: "It wasn't any secret from the end of the season on that one of our top and most important priorities was to fill our void at first base. We were looking, certainly, to add someone from the left side, that not only was a quality offensive player with some power but also a good defender and a high character young man. We have certainly landed that. We have filled all of the essentials that we were looking for with Carlos." Surprisingly even thought I would never have thought to compare Pena to DLee, Carlos does have a pretty good glove fielding 99.4% for his career. Pena seems very excited to be coming to Chicago: "I'm extremely confident. I don't tend to look back on my failures and dwell upon them. I just feel that I've had a lot of adversity throughout my career and a lot of difficulties," Pena said. "I think that all of those difficulties have made me stronger and a better player and a better person and a better man. So instead of dwelling upon that, I kind of embrace the fact that it was a difficult year and I should be a little bit more polished now." According to Carlos, he turned down several offers that were more long term then the one year offer he got from the Cubs. "I love the city. My family loves the city. I think we have a pretty good chance at winning," he said. "We have a park; the history, what can I say? It's truly one of those teams that when you're a kid, you kind of dream about playing for. Like I said earlier, when I was 10 years old, I used to watch George Bell, Ryne Sandberg, [Shawon] Dunston, Andre Dawson. It was a regular thing at home." So they signed a Cubs fan to play first base? Also to makes matters worse the White Sox resigned Paulie K for $12.5 million. Seriously WTF? My only hope from this is it's only a one year deal and with other with star first basemen Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols set to be on the market next year maybe it will work out but as of now my hopes aren't real high. It's going to be a long season.