Figured it is time to stop numbering the episodes so now will just be dating them. All quiet on the Bears front. Well at least the guys on the field but a former player has a lot to say. Blackhawks prepare for Game 3 at the UC against San Jose. How did games 1 & 2 go? What is wrong with Chicago baseball? Is Bacon just in a sophomore slump or could it be more serious. Why can't the Cubs beat the Pirates? Any nickname suggestions for Castro & Colvin since they are the only hope for the future. Have the Bulls hired a coach yet? Have they even interviewed anyone yet? What is new on the Lebron to the Bulls rumors could another big free agent be joining him. How are the NBA finals going? Are they be overshadowed by all the free agent and Lebron talk? What is going on in the NHL Eastern Conference, 7&8 seeds in the conference finals. Could there be two original 6 teams playing for the cup. Please call in or email your thoughts at or sign on and chat live during the show.