The MVP of Super Bowl 20 is going into the HOF.  Richard Dent was a great DE for DA CHICAGO BEARS. He deserves this honor so much and i am glad he got voted in. 


     Richard Dent played his college ball at the University of Tennessee State.  After playing four years there, he entered the 1983 NFL Draft and was drafted in round 8 by the Chicago Bears. 

    Between 1984-1985 he recorded 34.5 sacks!  Next season turned out to be the Super Bowl season for the Bears.  With Dent playing DE along with Singaltary at MLB the Bears defence was amazing.  Dent that year played marvalous.  He had 17 sacks, recovered 2 fumbles and caught 2 interceptions.   His performance was what was one of the most famous playoff performance in NFL history.  Game 1 of the playoffs vs the Giants he recorded  7 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 2 forced fumbles.  Game 2 he recorded a sack which made Quarterback Dieter Brock drop the ball and the Bears took it back for a TD.  Then the Bears won 46-10 in Super Bowl XX.  Dent made 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and a blocked pass naming him Super Bowl XX MVP. 


     Richard Dent remained with the team till 1993.  Also that year Mike Ditka was replaced by new head coach Dave Wannstedt.  So Dent left and joined the 49ers.  And guess what...he won another Super Bowl even though he was injured and only played in two game in the regular season.  Next season he retured to play for Chicago but got injured again. 


     After leaving Chicago in 95 he went to play for the Colts and the for Philly.  His numbers from all the other teams he played with could never beat out the numbers he got playing with Chicago.


     Richard Dent was a die-hard football player. He is one of the best DE the NFL has ever seen.  His career total of 137sacks  was third behind Reggie White and Bruce Smith.  Richard Dent will never be forgotten.