The Bulls would be nothing without Derrick Rose but they are doing pretty well without him.  They have improved to 40-10, that has clinched a playoff spot.  


       Rose has already missed 16 games this season with various injuries.  This  groin though has been his worst injury by far.  


     Derrick Rose says he is feeling better.  He also says its hard to move around, it is going to take some time to heal.  


     If he is out Monday he will miss his 7th consecutive since his injury against Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks on March 12.  



     Having Rose out is forcing  C. J. Watson and John Lucas III to step up.  They have contributed in so many ways.  C.J. always looks for the extra pass and is a decent shooter.  John Lucas is an amazing ball handler and a basic fundamentals guy.  These guys together are replacing the presence of Derrick Rose.  The Bulls still need Derrick but these other 2 point guards  are stepping up while Rose is out.  


     Rose could still miss a lot more games with this horrible groin injury. That means the Bulls will have to keep playing wit this energy while he gets to 100%.