Gibbs and MPH debate all that is going on in the world of sports.

What is up with the conference finals in the NBA & NHL, will any of these teams down 0-2 be able to rebound. How about Hanley Ramirez being benched and refusing to say sorry to his manager for then calling him out. Was the NBA Draft Lottery fixed, how did the Wizards win it, should they take Wall.

We will also cover all the debates that are currently going on in the Fan vs Fan network. Is Brady the greatest QB of all-time, Should Andre Johnson get a raise, Who is the best defensive player in the NFL, Should Saints fans be worried about Drew Brees being on the cover of Madden this year, Will the Nets owner's money help the team win, Could the Red Sox season be coming to an end before Memorial Day, Who was the bigger bust Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell All this and much more all brought to you from the Fan vs Fan network.

Keep a look out for future episodes. Sorry got cut short due to the real world business so not everything got covered