Week 1 was not a good week for me when it came to fantasy football.

However when it came to the FanvsFan VIP Pickem league i did pretty well going 10-6 which is good enough for 8th (tied with 4) in the league behind 7 people who had 11 correct. I went wrong picking against the Patriots, thinking the Bengals might finally be for real, underestimating the Steelers defense, over estimating the 49ers and Chargers while picking the wrong bottom dweller in the Tampa-Cleveland matchup.

When it came to my fantasy team I made only one mistake but overall it was just a bad week for my guys. I scored 70 points with a linup of McNabb (7), Michael Turner (4), Ryan Matthews (5), Wes Welker (18), Calvin Johnson (4), Anquan Boldin (11), Antonio Gates (13), Chargers D (1) and kicker Robbie Gould (7).

Would have gotten a couple more points if I went with the Ravens D (8) over the Chargers but the big one was not playing Austin Collie who scored 20 but there is no way I could have made a good argument of benching any of my top 3 receivers. Thanks to Collie my bench scored 44 points so really I only view this week as a poor performance and not mismanagement.

Shockingly with my low point performance I actually scored more then 4 teams but two of them played so I'm only ahead of 3 people in the standings sitting in 7th in a 10 team league.

Here is hoping my poor performera (Turner, Johnson and Matthews) rebound and find the endzone. By the way I still would have lost if the refs had ruled Johnson's catch a TD but at least he wouldn't have looked so bad having Collie on the bench