That's right folks I rebounded huge this week after losing in all four of my fantasy leagues in week 1 I went ahead and swept all four of them in week two while repeating my performance in the pick'em league again going 10-6 to bring my overall record to 20-12.

Before we get to how I rebounded in my ESPN league let's take a look at where I went wrong with my picks. Somehow the Bengals rebounded from the beating they took at the hands of the Pats to upset the Ravens, the Steelers continue to shock without Big Ben in beating the Titans who benched Vince Young during the game, Favre and the Vikings continue to stink in losing to Miami and I may not pick them till they actually win a game or until they play the Lions, forgot the Bears because the Bucs are the biggest surprise 2-0 team in beating Carolina, in the matchup of what looks like two 8-8 teams Kyle Orton and the Broncos beat Pete Caroll's Seahawks and finally the J-E-T-S rebounded nicely against the Pats and evened their record.

Now to the league where I squeeked out a victory 100-95 and played almost all the right guys this week.

McNabb (21) wishes he played with a receiver like Andre Johnson

Michael Turner (7) disappointed again leaving a blowout against the Cardinals with injury

Ryan Matthews (2) losing both running backs to injury worry me with who I have on my bench. Isn't this the preseason favorite for offensive rookie of the year?

Wes Welker (9) He was by far the biggest steal of the draft.

Calvin Johnson (13) This is what he should have put up week 1 if not for a stupid rule.

Anquan Boldin (3) The Ravens offense is worrying me and second week in a row I should have played Austin Collie (8)

Antonio Gates (17) I love having a top tightend. I hope Vincent Jackson never comes back.

Chargers (18) If they didn't rebound after that awful game to Chiefs I might have been in trouble

Robbie Gould (10) a perfect ten for the Golden Boy. I'm still in shock over Da Bears beating the Cowboys.

Next weekend could be real interesting as 3 of my 4 running backs are currently listed as questionable (Turner, Harrison, Bush). I might have to say goodbye to some people hiding on my bench (Ravens D and Sideny Rice). I can't wait to see my running backs finally start scoring because people will have to watch out.