Once again Victory is mine. Unlike last week I did not have the perfect sweep but 3 out of 4 ain't bad and unlike the first two weeks I was unable to pick 10 winners but I'm pretty happy about being wrong thanks to the Monday Night outcome.

As usual let's start with the pick'em where I went 9 for 16. I keep doubting KC but I think I might finally be buying into them, Da Saints need to find a kicker because Atlanta lost that game like 3 times, sadly Houston could not send the Cowboys to 0-3 and somehow the Rams upset the team everyone was picking as fantasy sleepers (The NFC East is a mess), Philip Rivers and the Chargers are big chokers because Seattle was trying to give them that game while Miami just came up a little short vs the J E T S and I have never been so happy being wrong seeing the Packers lose and the Bears end up 3-0 and alone in first place in the NFC North.

Now onto my fantasy team where I continue to sit Autin Collie (29( even though he has outscored most of my receivers every week (I was smart enough to play him in a different league)

McNabb (13) didn't do awful against the Rams but I expected better and should have gon with Flacco (22)

Michael "the Burner" Turner (18) has returned

Darren Sproles (0) was thrown in there late to replace the injured Ryan Matthews who sat out. Can we start saying fantasy bust for Matthews yet or is it to early?

Wes Welker (4) somehow had a poor game but the Pats were able to score 38 points. He was still the steal of my draft

Calvin Johnson (5) is close to getting benched for Collie. Matthews Stafford can't come back soon enough

Anquan Boldin (32) was unreal and showed that it wasn't Larry Fitzgerald making him look good in Arizona but maybe the other way around.

Antonio Gates (16) is awesome and I love that Vincent Jackson is an idiot and still holding out. Hope he never comes back

Chargers D (6) should be dominating the NFC and AFC West but choking like Philip Rivers

Robbie Gould (7) missed one from 49 but still hit on 2 as well as 2 extra points. Imagine how he could be scoring if Lovie would kick it instead of going for it on 4th down.

With week 4 starts the byes so watch your lineup and make sure you have people playing and people who are off on the bench.