George Blanda passe away at the age of 83 on Monday.

Blanda has spent ten seasons playing for the Bears playing three different positions. Besides being a kicker and a quarterback he also spent some time at middle linebacker. He also spent time with the Houston Oilers before ending his career with the Raiders plus one game with the Baltimore Colts in 1950.

George had the honor of laying for Bear Bryant, George Halas and Al Davis, talk about an amazing trio.

Blanda had actually retired from football in 1958 when George Halas told him he only wanted to use him as a kicker but he returned to the game and joined the Oilers in 1960. He retired finally in 1976 at the age of 48. He enter the hall of fame five years later in 1981.

Until 2007 Blanda had owned the record for most interceptions until Brett Favre broke his record. He played in 340 during his 26 year career and held a side job for 22 of those years as a sales manager of a trucking company.

The video below is pretty informative for those not familar with Blanda