So ESPN has thrown up a new fan friendly poll. They are asking fans to pick an all-time starting five for your favorite NBA team. So of course I go click on the Bulls and there are four players listed under each position. There are some interesting choices and some of the voting is even more interesting so let's just get to it.

First let's just cover the two no brainer spots, SG and SF, where it's surprising each of these players aren't gaining 100% of the vote.

At shooting guard they give Michael Jordan, Ben Gordon, Jerry Sloan and Reggie Theus. If Jordan was removed from the list it might actually be a good debate but with his Airness it's no contest however like I said he isn't getting 100%.

And where there is Jordan we know Scottie Pippen can't be far behind. At small forward they give us a choice between Pip, Toni Kukoc, Luol Deng and Chet Walker. Again without Pip there could be a debate but I would probably side with Walker even though I am a big Kukoc fan but he won 6th man of the year playing behind Pippen so he can't start ahead of him. Much like Gordon at SG, Deng probably was thrown in to fill out the 4 choices and give a modern choice to the kids. Also like Jordan, Scottie is not getting 100% of the vote.

Now let's the debates begin.

At center they only gave us three choices: Artis Gilmore, Bill Cartwright and Tom Boerwinkle. When it comes to the numbers it's Gilmore hands down but when it comes to winning how could you pass on Cartwright who helped provide a veteran prescence to the first three peat team.  Boerwinkle doesn't match up to either in numbers or winning and I'm a little surprised they didn't through Joakim Noah in the mix just for the hell of it. I personally went with Gilmore because how can you say now to a guy who averaged 19 points and 11 rebounds?

Jerry Krause did you read my last question? How do you say no to a guy who averages close to 20 and 10?

With that it brings us to the power forward spot which if Jerry Krause didn't make the worse move in team history by trading Elton Brand for the draft rights to Tyson Chandler it may look very different today. Even without Brand this might be the deepest spot and the one that could provide some great debates. We have the three peat forwards in Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman as well as Bob Love who's #10 hangs from the rafters, next to Jerry Sloan, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, and finally Orlando Woodridge. In my mind Rodman is third behind Love and Grant but most of the voting population is against me since he is receiving over 50% of the votes. I decided to go with Love because a combo of him and Gilmore would be fantastic but it was a tough choice not reuniting Horace with Pip and MJ.

Now onto the 5th and final spot which is fitting since they gave us my choices but not sure if all five deserve to be on the team. The five choices for the point guard spot are: John Paxson, Steve Kerr, BJ Armstrong, Kirk Hinrich and Norm Van Lier. Steve Kerr is the first person I looked at and thought how is he on this list. He was not a starter and was the three point specialist that is about it. The interesting thing that connects everyone on this list except of Van Lier is the three point shooting: Kerr is first in %, BJ is second, while Hinrich has taken the most and made the most in team history and while he doesn't rank as high as the others what would have the Bulls done in game 6 in Phoenix without Pax. The way I viewed it was take away the championship players in Pax, BJ and Kerr since they are basically the same more of less. So that left Van Lier who I have stated several times needs his #2 retired and the recently traded Kirk Hinrich. This may seem like a hands down choice for Van Lier however I decided to go with Capt Kirk but let's be honest if Derrick Rose was listed he would probably be the choice.

So my starting five is Hinrich, Jordan, Pippen, Love and Gilmore while the voters are going with Rodman and Van Lier instead.

Voting breakdown (top 3 given). It will be interesting to see if this holds up


C -Gilmore 81.2, Cartwright 16.4, Boerwinkle 1.5

PF- Rodman 64.6, Love 18.1, Grant 13.9

SF- Pippen 96.5, Walker 1.8, Kukoc .6

SG- Jordan 97.8, Sloan .7, Gorden .5

PG- Van Lier 37.5, Kerr 20.9, Hinrich 14.8