Happpy Anniversary Bears Fans. One year ago today the Bears did the unthinkable. They made a trade that brought a franchise Quarterback to Chicago.

Up to this point in history the most important spot on the field has been by far the weakest in the very long history of this team. Just look at some of the "greats" we have had.

Do you remember some of the sad sacks we have had under center. Just think back about how many different Bears started while the Packers only started one guy.

But that all went deep deep into the past on this day last season when Jerry Angelo traded two 1st rounds picks, a 3rd rounder and qb Kyle Orton to Denver for Jay Cutler and a 5th round pick.

During his three seasons in Denver Jay had accomplished things that no quarterback has ever done in a Bears uniform. His final season playing for the Broncos he threw for over 4,500 yards 25 touchdowns completed 62% of his passes and made it to the Pro Bowl.

Then the season happened.

As we all know the Bears finished with a 7-9 record and missed the playoffs. But how did Jay do?

Well if you subtract the 26 interceptions he threw, 14 of those came in 4 games, he had a pretty good year. Jay threw for 3,666 yards, anyone else bothered by the 666 in that, 27 touchdowns, 8 of which came in the final two games, while completing 60.5% of his passes he had a pretty good year.

But was the bad all his fault?

He had campaigned since training camp to get Devin Aromashodu more playing time but that didn't happen till the final 4 games of the season where he proved to be a good target for his QB catching 22 passes for 282 yards. The offensive line was unable to protect him allowing 35 sacks and the struggles of the running game has been well documented.

So on this anniversary we have Jay learning a new offense under Mike Martz who had some critical things to say about his qb during last season. It was a big enough concern that Martz traveled to meet Cutler before he was hired to make sure there were no hard feelings.

Is this a happy day for all Bears fans? Would you make the trade now knowing what you know?

I know it is for me because Jay is the piece to build around and will be here long after this current management and coaching staff is gone thanks to his age (27 in a few weeks) and the contract extension he signed during the season which will keep him in a Bears uniform till 2013.

So again happy Jay Cutler Day. Thanks to Waddle & Silvi of ESPN 1000 for coining this phrase