Jerry has undone one of his biggest mistakes during his time as GM here in Chicago. Coming off the Super Bowl where second year safety Chris Harris started 11 games was traded to the Carolina Panthers for a 5th round pick in the 2008 draft, which ended up being corner back Zack Bowman. Harris was viewed as expendable due to Mike Brown being healthy and the addition of Adam Archuleta. Does everyone remember what happened then? Mike Brown went down in the first game of the season against the Chargers and Adam Archuleta still couldn't cover the way Lovie remembered he could in St. Louis. Besides how weak the safety spots became during that 2007 season what made matters worse was Harris had the best year that season. He started 15 games racked up 96 tackles and forced 8 fumbles. But since then he numbers have dropped. He has only 130 tackles combined the last 2 seasons and 4 forced fumbles. Which then brings us to Tuesday when Harris tweeted saying he is coming back to Chicago. As details came out it was learned he was being traded back to the Bears for linebacker Jamar Williams. Harris also reworked his contract to make the trade work. On the outside the trade looks great. Jerry traded from a strength to help a weakness but then the next day he trades safety Kevin Payne to St. Louis for an undisclosed draft pick in the 2011 season. The draft pick will probably be decided on how well Payne plays for the Rams. Does anyone else worry that Jerry might have just made the same mistake again? Overall I like the trade. I was a Chris Harris fan and thinks he will fit in nicely at strong safety for the next couple seasons but what worries me is why the Panthers would be so willing to just give up on Harris. Shouldn't the Panthers be worried about playing former players Chris Harris and Julius Peppers when the Bears travel to Carolina this season? There is just something about this that bothers me but hopefully I'm wrong and Harris works out with rookie Major Wright at the safety spots.