Coach Q is changing things around coming off game 1's disappointing loss.

Andrew Ladd will be joing Hossa and Toews while Patrick Sharp will be joing Dave Bolland and Patrick Kane on the second line.

The 4th line will stay intact with Colin Fraiser, Tomas Kopecky and Ben Eager as the 3rd line will feature Madden, Steeger and Troy Brouwer.

I personally would very much like to see the return of the Kane, Toews, Sharp line. They have been together for a couple years now and you can really tell they know how to play together. I also wouldn't mind seeing Sharp and Hossa stay together because they just seem to attack when they are on the ice together. With the 4th line I think Kopcky needs to get out of there and allow Burish to play. Good old #37 made an impact last year in the playoffs scoring 4 goals and he isn't afraid to mix things up which it seems like they might have been missing on Friday.

Q isn't just shaking up the offense, he is also changing things along the blue line where Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook will be reunited while Hjarmalsson will be teamed with Sopel, who I believe means goal in some language, and Jordan Hendry will be paired with big Buff.

I really don't like these pairings. I have no problem with Keith and Seabrook being together but I feel it weakens the other pairings. I wouldn't mind seeing Buff and Hjarmalsson paired together since he is used to playing with a more offensive minded defensiveman. But really the only thing that would really help here is the return of Campbell, Boyton or Johanson who might be dead since we haven't heard anything about him in what feels like a month.

All I know is the Hawks can not allow the 4th line be out there with Hendry and Sopel on the ice. I lost count of how many times I saw this combo out on the ice but I feel it is what cost the team game 1.