If you thought the Bulls played their best in game 1 you might be right but I think we can all agree they played their worst in game 2 on Wednesday.

Boozer 3-10, Deng 5-15, Rose 7-23, Korver 1-7. A combined 16 of 55 for those 4 players. CJ also missed the only 2 shots he took while the only Bulls who has decent nights from the field at Noah, Taj and Bogans who went 10-21. Overall the Bulls shot 34% from the field and an awful 15% from beyond the arc making only 3 of the 20 shots they hoisted up.

The Heat came into game 1 with a game plan of going small and it failed miserably while in game 2 they came in with a very different plan. James Jones played 24 minutes in game 1 and only saw the court for 2 minutes in game 2 while on the other hand Udonis Haslem played 23 minutes after playing only 4 in game 1. You know what happened with that simple adjustment? The Heat out rebounded the Bulls 45-41. Haslem who has spent his entire career in Miami scored 13 points and added 5 rebounds and just provided energy that the Heat were lacking in the first game.

Many people want to blame the refs but it is hard to complain when the fouls and free throw attempts were basically even. If you want something to blame just look at the 10 missed free throws including 3 by Drose and 2 from Bogans. 

Overall the Big 3 of Miami had their way scoring 63 of the 85 points and if you throw in Haslem that means all but 9 points came from 4 players for Miami. Lebron lead the way with 29 followed by Wade with 24 and Bosh actually behind Haslem with 10. Interestingly the 63 points is exactly what they scored in game 1 so it shows the Bulls have this Miami offense figured out but what they need now is to solve their own offensive problems.

Maybe it's good game 3 isn't till Sunday allowing Coach Thibs to throw in some long film sessions on trying to get some easier shots and maybe get that lane opened for Rose to drive and dish.

Just like the overreaction after game 1 the shift happened right back after game 2. My opinion hasn't changed, this game will go 6 or 7 games and ultimately it will be decided if the Bulls can steal home court back in either game 3 or 4 and bring this series back tied to Chicago for game 5. Game 3 is Sunday while game 4 is Tuesday and game 5 is Thursday.