Horrible end of the year for the Ilini program and team.   They fire their Coach Bruce Webber which I totally disagree with.  Also losing the last 8 of 9 games which lost their chances of March Madness.  They did not even make the NIT.  Now Paul and Myers are looking at draft options.  C'mon man!


      With Bruce Weber gone, the Illini have VCU coach Smart in their target range.   He would be a great coach since he did bring VCU to the final four last year and had a tiny run this year.  Anyway if he comes I see a great future with the Illini through playing and even recruits. 


       No this is not happening!  Paul and Myers looking at draft options?!  They did so well and had them on the path to a nice run to the NCAA tourney.  They can't leave now they are in their prime.  They sent names to the committee for feedback on their draft stock. 


     Brandon Paul is a cool dude with a whole lot of talent.  Would not be a starting point guard  in the NBA as a rookie.  By being on a team and improving he could make his way up and get closer to starter.  If he enters draft, 2nd round pick to teams like Denver, Bucks, and Utah.  


     Myers Leonard said to be one to be accepted by committee.  Big body and great post up player, possible 1st round pick.  This guy can play! Loved to watch him and great supporter to his team.   1st round pick guy to teams like Bobcats, Golden State, and maybe Portland.


      So lets go Illini in this off-season.  Don't want these guys to leave but it  happens.