The Angles are probuly in the easiest diviosn in the Al and mabye even the MLB (A.L West). In their division is Rangers, Athletics, and Mariners.  That division has pretty good pitchers though (Weaver, Santana, Hernadez, Wilson, and the closers Feliz is the best in the division.  But we are here to talk about the best pitcher in the Divison...Jered Weaver


     The Angles just signed a 5 year 85 million dollar extension.  He would a free agent after net season and the Angles said they would not re sign him them.  With this new contract he will be reciving 17 million a year.  That is a lot of dough.  He is going to be the Angles ace for a long time.


     Right now the Angles are sitting 2nd in the A.L West behind the Rangers in the A.L West.  They are 4 games behingd them right.  Its only them fighting for the Division title.  The Athletics are 15.5 games behing the Rangers and the Mariners are 18.5 games behind.  This diviosn stinks besides you know who.  Its going t be a battle for the top spot with less than a month less of baseball.  


     Jered Weaver has a 2.10 ERA.  That is the best in basball.  He also has A.L 3rd best 14 wins.  He is behing CC and Verlander.  Some other statistics for Weaver this year are OPP BA .207, and 158 SO.  This guy is one of the best pitchers in the MLB.  He has plenty expierence and has beenin this league for a while.  He knows how to pithch and we will be watching him play for a good while!